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Lifts and Elevators

Brisbane Precast has got you covered for all your concrete needs. Whether you need a precast concrete solution for your residential, industrial or commercial lift or elevator system, we can help get the job done quickly and correctly. We use only state-of-the-art products and technologies to design and build concrete lifts and elevators. We design and manufacture all of our precast concrete lift shafts and elevator shafts meeting the highest standards and making it easier for you to complete your project faster than ever.

What are Precast Elevator Shafts?

When it comes time to install an elevator or lift in your residential, industrial, or commercial space, save time and money by having your elevator shaft measured, designed, and built to your exact specifications using precast concrete products. Brisbane Precast offers a variety of options for customizing your lift or elevator shaft, and using precast products means you can get the lift operating sooner.

Why Should You Consider Precast Elevator Shafts?

Securing a footing and shaft for a properly fitting elevator is an important task. If the elevator or lift shaft is not properly positioned, the elevator cannot be installed properly. Aside from the dangers of an improperly installed elevator, an improperly fitted elevator will wear faster and cost more money over time. When your elevator shaft is properly fitted and secured, your elevator can function properly and last for years.

Traditional methods of casting concrete are difficult in tight spaces, so precast concrete elevator shafts are ideal for replacement or for new builds for residential, industrial and commercial spaces.

What’s Involved in Precast Elevator Shafts and Lifts?

When you decide that it’s time to upgrade an elevator shaft, or you are building a new elevator shaft for a new building, the experts at Brisbane Precast will work with you every step of the way to ensure your project is finished on time and on budget. We make sure our engineers, experts, and designers all sign off on every precast concrete project we take on, and once you approve, we can get to work building the elevator shaft that will house your new elevator or lift. We’ll cast your concrete materials and ship them directly to the worksite where they will be installed by our professional and skilled team. There’s no need to delay your project because of weather: we build all of our concrete projects at our site and bring it to yours.

Work With the Pros

We’ll work with you every step of the way to determine the best precast concrete product for your needs. Whether you need concrete that is reinforced and ready to be installed in an elevator shaft, or you just need the footings for a new concrete wall that will be installed later, Brisbane Precast has got you covered. We work efficiently and use the most up-to-date materials. Ensuring safety along the way allows us to get the job done faster and better than anyone. If you aren’t sure what you need for your concrete project, don’t hesitate to ask our expert team.

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Contact us today to talk about your precast concrete needs. We’ve worked on some of the best concrete projects in the area, and you’ll be pleased with how easy it is to get your concrete project done with Brisbane Precast. If you have questions or concerns about how to get your next precast concrete project underway, we’ll be happy to walk you through the steps involved in preparing your building site, taking measurements, and preparing engineering plans to suit your needs.

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