Station 16

In the heart of South Brisbane you will find Station 16, a contemporary residential apartment complex boasting slick design and a highly desirable location. Brisbane Precast manufactured all the precast panels for this project and provided the transport for delivery to the site. Our onsite crew then installed the panels and completed any patching and caulking required.

Located on Merivale Street, residents of Station 16 can enjoy the vibrancy of the cultural and entertainment district with easy access to QPAC, West End, GoMA and South Bank. The apartment complex is designed with a retail level that opens onto the street to interact with the buzzing location.

Station 16 is made up of 65 apartments that range from one to two bedrooms. Included in the building’s design is a suspended concrete slab, load bearing blockwork as well as glazing and shading elements. These elements are both functional and aesthetically appealing.

The Station 16 project was a design and construct project for Aria Property Group.