Brisbane Precast produces perfect precast solutions from start to finish servicing areas throughout Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

At Brisbane Precast, we offer you our expertise with our qualified staff and our consulting engineers and design engineering service which can help you in designing your next project.

We offer a no nonsense, no fuss solution to help you expedite your project, cutting down your construction programme therefore saving you money.

No more casting beds or building panels on site, no more mess.

We build the panels off site while you do your footings, your drainage and stormwater – your pre slab preparation can be done while panels are being manufactured.

Our products and services include:



Brisbane Precast produces perfect precast solutions from start to finish.

  • Manufacture of Precast Products
  • Shop Detailing
  • Transport to site
  • Site Erection of Precast Products
  • Panel to Panel connection
  • Cast in plates for Structural Steel connections
  • Cast in ferrules for steel work
  • Caulking of Precast panels
  • Set out of Precast Panel Layout
  • Grouting of dowel pins and panels as required
  • Compliance Certificate


Services Include:

  • Upfront technical assistance, advice and quoting.
  • Detailing of projects based on architectural and engineering drawings and designs.
  • Manufacture of your panels.
  • Delivery of your panels using specially designed equipment.
  • Site erection.
  • Bracing of panels.
  • Post erection works including grouting, caulking and welding.


Custom Solutions:

  • Precast Bridge Components
  • Precast Flooring Systems
  • Railway Sleepers